Comments: From Kindergarten to today, this school has been a wonderful experience for my son. Full-time Kindergarten provided such classes as German and chess. Friends made there have evolved into good friends today at summer camp. I approach each summer knowing that my son will have a fun, safe time with great field trips and the always entertaining talent show. I would recommend this family run facility highly to anyone looking for a good experience for their child.

-Signed: Sue Scott

Comments: Our family has attended Royal Oak for two generations and hopes to make it to three! The most amazing part of this story is that Mr. Potlas recognized his former student after 20 years. Perhaps we do not change that much. If the saying "All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten" is true I'm glad my kids went to Royal Oak.

-Signed: Julie Groetsch

Comments: The PreK and Kindergarten programs were phenomenal. When the children went to first grade and were asked if they knew their colors, they asked the teacher if she wanted the answer in English or Spanish. I've recommended Royal Oak to many family and friends because I believe it was the best thing we did for our kids at that age.

-Signed: Lisa Lombardo

Comments: "Dad, is it a school day today? It is? Yea ... cool." That says it all about Royal Oak. A creative, fun environment where children love to learn. The dedication of the staff is unparalleled and it shows in the attention given to each child. From Nursery school through Kindergarten the values of education are taught that children will carry with them for years.

-Signed: Amy Heiles

Comments: Royal Oak nurtured the creative nature that marks my child's intellect. A love of learning was initiated by the caring staff he was exposed to.

-Signed: Julie Mullen

Comments: Both of my children attended Royal Oak school for Nursery, Pre-K, and Kindergarten. Even though there is a 12 year difference in my children, they were both fortunate enough to have many of the same teachers. We loved the continuity of the program, and feel that they both received a great foundation for their future school years.

-Signed: Robin Betza

Comments: Royal Oak School is like sending your child to a loving family. My daughter loves learning in the secure environment created by the teachers and staff. She has such polite table manners too.

-Signed: Alba Romano

Comments: Comfortable, high standards, diverse exposure, good friends and memories is what comes to mind when looking back in retrospect regarding my son's introduction to education at Royal Oak.

-Signed: Michele Walter

Comments: It's very nice to know that people still care about education and teachers are so willing to give their all. You don't only teach schoolbooks but responsibility, care, love, and family importance. I am so pleased that my son attended school at Royal Oak as well as I did 27 years ago. I know that I never forgot my Kindergarten memories with Royal Oak and Uncle Frank. And we will miss you all very much.

-Signed: Lea Lynn Mascari

Comments: My child was excited to go to school each day. The staff was kind and loving - I felt like I was leaving her with a family member. Not only did she learn academically, but she learned to love learning. I can't thank Royal Oak enough.

-Signed: Brenda Barner

Comments: Enrolling our children in Royal Oak was one of the best decisions we have made. Royal Oak is a very welcoming, kind, respectful and amazing place for our children to experience life. Our children are encouraged constantly but limits and expectations are also an important constant. Our children are definitely learning wonderful things about themselves and the world beyond!

-Signed: Dayna Pitcairn

Comments: We have been nothing but pleased with Royal Oak. Our daughter has always been quiet and shy. Royal Oak has brought her out of her shyness in so many ways. The whole staff is a wonderful group of people. We only wish Royal Oak would extend its program into higher grades. It was the best decision we could have made for our daughter.

-Signed: Tiffany Bigley

Comments: What a wonderful experience for both my child and myself. I feel my child is prepared for her next academic step; first grade. I have had a child go through the public school system (Kindergarten) and feel that Royal Oak prepared my daughter far better than the public school did with my son for first grade. Thank you Royal Oak.

-Signed: Nowall Hassan