Frequently Asked Questions

What is the curriculum that my child will be following?

For over 35 years Royal Oak has offered an excellent educational program to area students. The school prides itself on a progressive curriculum in all of our classes. Our Nursery program consists of age appropriate activities with a focus on co-operative and imaginative play. In addition to a play curriculum there are structured group times that help the child develop learning skills (language, listening, direction following, and attention span.)

Our Prekindergarten program prepares your child for kindergarten. This well designed curriculum focuses and encourages development in readiness skills, language arts, multi-cultural experiences, socio-emotional development, and number and math concepts. Creative play areas also encourage social interaction.

Our Kindergarten program is academically orientated. Offered only in an all day format the children receive all math and reading readiness development in the morning when they are more alert. Science and social studies sessions are scheduled in the afternoon. The children receive Spanish, computer instruction, and free play sessions daily.

All of the children at Royal Oak receive specialized art classes once a week.

What is your staff to child ratio?

Royal Oak maintains an average school ratio of 7/1. We feel that with this low ratio the staff will be better able to provide individual support and attention to the children in our family-like environment.

The individual classroom ratios follow: Nursery maximum of 15 students with teacher and aide Prekindergarten maximum of 18 students with a teacher and aide Kindergarten maximum of 14 students with a teacher

Where would my child receive physical activity?

Royal Oak is situated on 3 1/2 acres with an extensive play yard. A well equipped large gym (30' x 35') is used year round and supervised by staff members.

What are your cut off dates?

The students need to be 2 years, 7 months; 3 year, 7 months; or 4 years, 7 months by the first day of school for entrance into the Nursery, Prekindergarten or Kindergarten respectively.

Who are the teachers (staff) working with my child?

All teachers are certified graduates with degrees in either early childhood, elementary, or special education. All staff participate in in-service education and studies for professional advancement.